3D Fabrication Service

Stromus Labs

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Commisioned works utilizing 3d printing technology for repairs, prototyping, and novelty

Pricing consists of 3 parts: Startup, Files, and Mass

Conveyed as follows

Base setup cost of 10$ 

  • This includes calibration, changing filaments, tossed objects, misc running costs such as power, consumables, and depreciation. Waved for additional items if making a bulk purchase. 

Design files:

  • Provided: No Additional Cost. Please contact the designer or note commercial licensing availability. 
  • Design work required: 5$/0.15hr or discussable if its a viable commercial design.


Due to the infinite possibilities of the medium its difficult to give set pricing that's equally applicable over a wide range of shapes and function. To begin, an effective metric in pricing is Mass of the final product. this will begin as 8c per gram. Most aesthetic items are hollow so a little can go a long way. 

Some visual metrics will be provided as created. IE the usual price of a 12-inch figure or phone case etc 


As always Contact Stromus Labs/Slink Gadgets if you have a question or comment via the link at the top of the page.